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Yoop updates #1

First updates on Yoop here.


  • Better catch-phrase. After talking with various people, I switched from "Ethic publishing platform by sending emails" to "Send me an email. It's published!", then "Blogging as easy as emailing". I tries other phrases too that did not went online. This exercice is very interesting as it forces me to explain the core value of Yoop.

  • Added a kind of sub catch-phrase where I explain a bit more the main difference of yoop with other platforms.

  • Added a Demo blog opened to anyone without creating an account. I think it helps to understand how yoop works and it engages people early in testing the main feature of the product.

  • Renamed "Ethic" section to "Privacy" because "ethic" was not the right term to use. "Privacy" better reflects what I have in mind.

  • Went through various versions for a "How it works" section. Last one is what I think is the better : two screenshots.

Blogs part

  • Added RSS feed on each blog
  • Improved html rendering of article
  • Added meta tags to improve rendering when sharing articles

On the product itself, I have now the first users. Seeing others using your product is very pleasant :) And get their feedbacks is really great.

What's next?

Now that I'm happier with the homepage, I will get back to the product itself as it needs important features.


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