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Yoop updates #2

What's new in Yoop?

Delete a blog post

Want to delete a blog post?

  • Reply to the "blog post published" Yoop sent you and only write the word "delete" (without quotes)
  • Or write a new email to your @yoop.blog email address: the mail content must start with the word "delete" (still without quotes) and must contain the URL of the blog post you want to delete. No matter what the subject is. It can be empty.

I think it's quite simple to use and remember.

Images in blog posts

This feature is an important one as Yoop now allows you to attach images to your emails!

Images (jpg and png only at the moment) will be resized and displayed at the top of the blog post.

Any feedbacks or ideas? Feel free to contact me at yoop@yoop.blog

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